Teaching technology made simple, smart and affordable.

Created by G2 Collective, eTeach® is cloud based software built for educators and business trainers.

  The simple content creation tools of eTeach® give you the flexibility to build and edit your own course material to meet the ever-changing needs of your learners.

With your customized curriculum at their fingertips, you can now engage your students and cohorts through the smart interactive capabilities within the eTeach® classroom using multiple formats from flipped teaching or blended learning programs to project based teaching, and make distance learning more enjoyable.

Publish and share course material using the eTeach® ecosystem and connect not only with your students and cohorts, but with other teachers and trainers who want to collaborate, reuse and adapt content, creating  shared libraries that makes training and education more accessible and affordable around the world. 



What does eTeach® mean for Higher Education ,  K-12 and the Common Core ?

“The eTeach Ecosystem™ is a “big idea with the potential to significantly change the way we educate and train people and a great opportunity for everyone to develop, deploy and leverage a new approach to class/curriculum development, content integration and the effective at scale delivery of education.”

Dr. Mark Dean ~ University of Tennessee ~ Distinguished Professor of Engineering Knoxville

“The benefits of this program are multi-faceted as a teacher, mentor and provider for well-made lessons to students.  This program allows me to use videos to show the concept, show examples and then let me have the students set up problems that either I have created or used the district mandates and required curriculum. I can adhere to district mandates and still use my knowledge to create what my diverse students need to learn the material.  I know when the students are on the program using it, can stop a discussion when out of hand, or too far ahead (or behind) for the majority of students, and redirect the conversation immediately.  I can to see and hear how they did a problem, arrived at the answer and where they are “stuck” in learning the concept.” 

Robin Wetter ~ Geometry Department Head, Lake Ridge High School ~ Mansfield, Texas


What does eTeach® mean for business and to business trainers?

“I have found eTeach® to be a user-friendly communications and teaching tool that allows me to provide information and resources that are more engaging because I can easily employ multiple media options.  It is much easier to use than similar platforms, both in terms of inputting the material I want to convey, as well as with regard to client access and interface.  I also appreciate that you can readily track who has participated and or completed a learning module, whether the reason you are monitoring this information is to document a training/communications compliance requirement, or you are simply interested in knowing how many people are utilizing the content to see if you are getting good uptake.” 

Deb Dagit ~ Deb Dagit Diversity, LLC

When a billion dollar marketer and manufacturer of consumer products sought a way to establish First Line supervisory and leadership skill training for their largest manufacturing facilities, they chose eTeach®! 

When a prestigious Global Executive Coaching Firm in Asia sought to certify internal coaches to support their customers’ leadership development initiatives with a graduate level curriculum, they chose eTeach®!

When a major physicians association sought a solution for both training their members as well as their patients and patients’ caregivers, they chose eTeach®!

When a highly innovative 501(c)(3) focusing on developing teenage girls and independent business women needed a platform to support their initiatives,  they chose eTeach®!

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