In 2008, Jay and Dawn Santamaria’s Human Resources Consulting firm, BeamPines, sought to develop a strategy to provide high quality executive education at a more affordable rate for clients that utilized faster, more effective delivery methods.  The firm needed to cut costs and resources associated with global travel, real estate and time constraints.  The simple answer was to “do it online”, but a platform that allowed for customization and one-on-one client interaction, that was both affordable and user friendly was not available in the marketplace.

Jay, Dawn and Ms. Alexandra Shaffer, Director of Business Strategy & Counseling Services, put their heads together one evening in Montreal and decided to build a platform solution to meet their BeamPines needs.  Hence, G2 Collective was off and running.

Steps we took to develop eTeach®:

We created the forerunner to eTeach®, Socrates’ Cloud, in 2009 to serve our specific adult learning need and soon proved that customers could broadly and profitably leverage the platform.

Aware of what was not working in the education technology space, we turned to creating customer-centric scalability with the eTeach® ecosystem.

We found that our concepts of cloning, editing, IP tracking and publishing unlocked solutions; including Common Core State Standard efficiencies for the K-12 market.

We bootstrapped our business and achieved with minimal funding: