Alexandra V, Shaffer, Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Head of Product Design and Development, is responsible for the product vision, design and development and manages the technical and creative teams in all phases of building, implementation and quality assurance.  She specializes in user experience design and works closely with customers to assure their product needs are met in the technology programs she delivers.

Alexandra is also the Director of Business Strategy and Counseling Services at BeamPines Inc.  She is an experienced Career Counselor and specializes in redesigning the firm’s flagship training and executive training programs, converting them from full live delivery formats to highly interactive online and hybrid delivery structures.  In 2009 she helped BeamPines turn around a money losing outplacement practice by designing and launching her first online training program CTC Online.  She is still responsible for managing the practice and training all program consultants, and has maintained a steadily growing business for the past five years.  She is now managing the development of the BeamPines Certificate Program in Executive Coaching into a hybrid delivery format and managing the program accreditation process.

Alexandra’s latest online platform launches include eTeach® BETA in 2011 and eTeach® LCMS in 2013.

She is passionate about using technology to enhance human interaction and collaboration in education, and building cost efficient products that help make high quality education more affordable and accessible on a global scale.

Prior to joining BeamPines, she managed public relations and marketing efforts, and produced large-scale multimedia events for fashion, music and entertainment industry clients.

She has a Bachelor of Business Administration in Industrial & Organizational Psychology from Baruch College, CUNY


Jonathan B. (Jay) Santamaria, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, brings a wealth of experience to training, education and talent development initiatives as a result of more than thirty-five years in diverse executive and entrepreneurial positions.  He began his career as  a certified public school teacher serving students in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

He went on to hold senior executive roles at RJR Nabisco and International Telephone and Telegraph, and spent the past seventeen years as President and CEO of BeamPines Inc., a New York City based Human Capital Consultancy. He has recruited, coached and trained senior operating managers and executives in the US and abroad, and is recognized by colleagues and peers as a thoughtful and insightful resource when business-driven strategies and real world implementations are required.

As a senior executive and consultant, Jay learned that the key to leading and meeting large organizations around complex needs was to simplify.

His work with interactive, and reflection based learning models while at BeamPines set him on the path to improve online delivery models for education and maximize cost effectiveness of programs so that participants got more from their relationships with their counselors or instructors while the client companies had access to robust analytics in support of the training ROI proposition.

The need to maintain relationships between counselor/instructor and learner to maximize the effectiveness and cost efficiency of knowledge transfer spawned the G2 Collective concept.  Beginning with BeamPines’ Career Counseling and training mission, he and his G2 Collective Co-Founders put the career transition industry on its ear with the introduction of CTC Online™, a high touch career transition counseling program for transitioning executives, which combines the use of interactive e-teaching techniques and digital multimedia. CTC Online™ was conceived in 2008 and launched in 2009 completely changing the cost structure of the service offering and forcing a traditional hide bound “office based” industry into the Cloud.

The next step was simple.  He gathered interested and passionate colleagues who felt strongly about advancing education by giving educators tools, not replacing them with technology and with their help, the journet to eTeach® began.

Jay continues as a faculty member of BeamPines’ US educational division of Middlesex University’s graduate program in Professional Development and serves on the program’s advisory board. Middlesex University is recognized leader in distance learning and adult postgraduate education He also consulkts with Trustess, and Academics and is rediscovering his passion for the K-1 environment

He is also a Managing Director of True North LLC, an experiential team and leadership-learning laboratory, which he and Dawn, his wife, acquired in 1999 along with a 110-foot topsail schooner as a learning laboratory.  He lives in Hunterdon County, New Jersey with his wife, Dawn. They have raised and educated four beautiful daughters.


Dawn Santamaria, Co-Founder and Executive Vice President of Marketing, has over 30 years of business experience having served as a consumer products goods manufacturer’s representative, retail buyer, small business owner, partner with her husband, Jay Santamaria, at BeamPines Inc, a human capital and leadership development firm based in New York City, and as Founder and Executive Director of the acclaimed not-for-profit onboard leadership organization, Sisters Under Sail Corp. ( Since 1999, Dawn and Jay have co-owned a 110-foot topsail schooner, Unicorn, which Dawn utilizes as her experiential learning lab for her all-female Sisters program.

Co-owning Tallship Unicorn introduced Dawn to traditional sail training that has long been recognized as a leadership and character building experience. In 2005, Dawn decided to take the spirit of teamwork one step further by putting together a structured program exclusively for young female sailors to work side by side maneuvering her 100 ton tall ship, teaching them powerful lessons of girls taking responsibility, working together and supporting each other to reach their goals. Since its inception, Sisters Under Sail has put aboard nearly 500 teenage girls and 200 women, and 45% of those teenage girls have shipped aboard the Unicorn via sponsorship dollars.

In recognition of her work with Sisters Under Sail, Dawn was honored with the 2011 Leadership In Women’s Sailing Award at the National Women’s Sailing Association Conference. The annual award, sponsored by the National Women’s Sailing Association and BoatU.S., honors an individual who has built up a record of achievement in inspiring, educating, and enriching the lives of women and girls through sailing.

As one of the Founding partners at G2 Collective, Dawn brings a passion for teaching and mentoring as well as an extensive background in leadership training, experiential and interactive learning, curriculum writing, small business operations and marketing. She most recently saw her women’s leadership development curriculum, Chart Your Course for Women (, go live on the eTeach®  LMS platform.

Dawn is the mother of 4 daughters and graduate of Saint Mary’s College of Notre Dame, an all-women’s liberal arts college, where she serves as a member of the Alumnae Board of Directors.


Maria Gallego manages finance and customer service at G2.   She is also a content development specialist and works with clients on a daily basis, with a focus on training and sales support.

Maria was the first team member to join G2 since the company’s founding.  She supported research with eTeach® BETA, developing surveys and interviews for beta users in order to identify the key components made specifically for the eTeach® platform.  As a content specialist, she is experienced in developing content for leadership, talent and training programs, undergraduate courses and grade school courses.

Maria has trained multiple eTeach® clients, working closely with them on their specific content development and course design.

Maria started developing educational content when she was an undergraduate honor student.  She developed content for the blind in her Physiological Psychology I and II classes.  As a graduate student at NYU, Maria co-managed and designed an online program for stress management for students.  She has also developed and taught a class on executive coaching and counseling at Suffolk University in Boston.

Maria has been conducting research since her undergraduate years at the University of South Alabama, where she worked in Marine Biology, Social Psychology and Physiological Psychology laboratories.  She continued with her research at New York University in a Gender Roles laboratory where she conducted research for her master’s thesis.

Maria has a Bachelor of Psychology with a Minor in Business Administration from the University of South Alabama and a Master’s Degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from NYU.

Jim Chambers supports Market and Product Research and has been with G2 Collective since its inception.  Prior to G2, Jim attended Georgetown University where he majored in Sociology and presented his thesis “An Examination of Social Media Use by the Elderly”.  At G2 he is responsible for managing various Social Media initiatives, and creating detailed analyses of competitors.

As a result of his work with G2 Collective, Jim has developed a comprehensive knowledge of education technology, up-to-date on all competition and Ed Tech related news. He supported the creation of the eTeach® platform by researching, designing and integrating consumer experience initiative while conducting human factor trials and incorporating learning into industry differentiated UI features.  He also authored the application’s Help Wikis for teachers and learners.

Liat Anan, Art Director / Graphic Designer

Liat is a graphic designer based in NYC and London. Having lived in Colombia, Barcelona and Israel before moving to New York, Liat draws from her diverse background to intuitively read her clients and their vision.

From logos, to color schemes to layouts, Liat art directs and executes the visual design aspect of projects at G2.  Her global perspective, attention to detail, and appreciation of simple yet impactful design concepts played an integral role in the design of the innovative eTeach® user interface and brand.

Liat has always been passionate about art and design in all mediums, and has a true appreciation for the beauty and messages in her surroundings and experiences. She has 9 years of professional experience designing for different sectors after attending Istituto Europeo di Design in Barcelona, Spain where she completed her Graphic Design Degree.

Liat is fluent in English, Spanish and Hebrew.

 Research Leader:

Dr. Patrick Sherry, Research Professor, University of Denver; College of Education; University College. Professor Sherry joined the University of Denver Counseling Psychology Program in 1985 and was as the Director of Training for the which was approved and accredited by the American Psychological Association in 1987.  Recently, he was appointed as Research Professor with the University and for the past several years he has been engaged primarily in consultation, research and writing in the Denver, the US and Asia. Since joining the University of Denver he has supervised and trained over 500 Masters level counselors and over 200 doctoral level psychologists in their research and clinical training in psychotherapy and psychological testing.  In addition, he has supervised over 50+ doctoral dissertation and delivered over 180 scientific presentations and papers that he has delivered to various academic conferences and meetings as well as 40+ academic publications and papers in peer reviewed journals.  Dr. Sherry specializes in the area of workplace psychology developing effective interventions and responses. Dr. Sherry has supervised research and has taught research methods, program evaluation and research, and directed independent research for over 28 years.  In addition, he has been the principal investigator on grants from the US Dept. of Transportation and other private agencies since the early 1990s managing over 5.25 million dollars in research grants.  He was appointed as a Fellow of the Academy of Counseling Psychology and holds Diplomate status within the Academy.

Research Associate:

Rachel A. Mulholland, M.A., Women’s Workforce Development Researcher & Human Resources Professional; Psychology Graduate Student, University of Denver; Research Assistant, National Center for Intermodal Transportation. Rachel is currently a research assistant with G2 Collective Inc. and the National Center for Intermodal Transportation and Economic Development.  She specializes in the development of assessment measures and statistical analysis.  Her thesis work on factors affecting retention and recruitment of women into transportation involved the creation of several important assessment and rating instrument.  In addition, she recently presented her research findings at the Annual Southeastern Transportation Research, Innovation, Development and Education (STRIDE) Conference in 2012 where she received an award for outstanding research project and presenter.  Ms. Mulholland received her Bachelors of Arts in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Eastern Connecticut State University after completing her senior honors project in the topic of women’s attitudes toward health and behavioral issues. She began her career as a Human Resources Professional with a focus on leadership development, management training, and diversity issues. She has immersed herself in diverse work environments from non-profit to corporate settings and has lived and worked on both the East Coast of the U.S. and the Hawaiian Islands.