Higher Education

As the cost of higher education continues to rise at staggering rates, eTeach® provides colleges and universities with affordable tools to  maintain their competitive edge by challenging and engaging students academically.  At G2 Collective, we believe technology should be used to enhance the most effective methods of education. The personal professor-student relationship and interaction and are key pieces of the educational process that Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC’S) and other learning management systems fail to satisfy. Our platform is designed with the professor – student experience in mind and offers a more robust alternative for distance learning than the competition.

G2 Collective improved upon the cumbersome traditional learning management system with eTeach®, a dynamic Learning Content Management System (LCMS). The platform was built with a user-friendly, cognitive design enabling teachers  and trainers to create content, collaborate in curriculum development, deliver courses via the ecosystem, and share content while ensuring authorship integrity.

eTeach® manages the delivery of fully online or blended learning programs adding value to curriculum development and delivery. The key features of the platform include the Module Builder, Course Builder, Module Libraries, multiple interactive delivery options, customization and language options as well as robust tracking and reporting functions. Our user interface is simple to navigate, sophisticated in appearance and our Lego® inspired architecture can be easily integrated with other applications or enterprise systems. It makes sharing work possible, allowing others to build on it while ensuring authorship integrity.

eTeach® gives educators the ability to differentiate themselves competitively by offering accredited programs and certificates to the expanding education market outside of the traditional classroom. Unlike many cumbersome LMS’s, the platform helps professors supplement the traditional classroom with the eTeach® methodology, which is centered on Socratic and Harkness learning principles of discussion based teaching to promote thinking. The platform employs a smart, creative cognitive design to replicate a comfortable yet stimulating classroom atmosphere where students cannot just show up for class, but are encouraged to participate by raising their hand , asking questions and engaging in online group discussions making distance teaching more effective and distance learning more enjoyable.


“I found the eTeach® platform to be a powerful tool for managing an undergraduate college course.  Although I have worked with other web-based education platforms, eTeach® has been the most comprehensive in terms of offering tools for both the instructor and the students to improve communication and enhance the learning experience.  I used the eTeach® platform in conjunction with a traditional in-person course and found it to be an effective way to continue the learning experience in between the once-weekly class.  Further, the support provided by the G2 Collective representative went above and beyond anything I could have expected.”

 Dr. Patrick Sherry

Associate Professor and Training Director for the Counseling Psychology Program ~ University of Denver