Higher Education Tools

Like following chapters in a text book, eTeach® makes it simple to build modules and courses!

Build your Modules: The foundation of the eTeach ® platform is the Module Builder, which provides easy to use framework for content development. Combine virtually any multimedia digital content with traditional teaching concepts to create modules that can be saved, published with you as the protected author, and shared with your permission.

Assemble your Course: The Course Builder tool enables educators to fuse original and/or shared modules together to create and deliver course content to students with ease. As a published author, you control the intellectual property and publishing permission when sharing modules and/or content.

Publish and store your work in the Library: Content can be built, branded and modified and published with continuous authorship tracking, protecting intellectual property.  The Module Libraries are repositories where instructors can store, share, reuse and, where permission has been granted by the original author, borrow and edit content. Each author determines who is permitted to use their content when they release it to the public library or they may choose to establish their own private library, which is closed to the public.

Share your work: Instructors who want to collaborate with others to create and modify courses can take advantage of the unique eTeach® Cloning feature.  Depending upon library access level and intellectual property specifications granted by the original author, you can visit the Module Library to clone and edit published modules to create your own course that fits the needs of your specific learners.

Additional features and benefits of eTeach®:

eTeach ® provides a comprehensive Learning Content Management System with an all in one package of teaching and administration tools including data analytic reporting.

eTeach® tools are simple to employ making for a more efficient use of time and lessening workload so that professors can focus on teaching and promoting  the  instructor-student interaction.

With the eTeach® highly interactive tools a student can more readily participate in group discussions, raise their hand to ask questions and interact with their instructor giving a more enjoyable distance learning experience.

A comprehensive suite of communication and course delivery tools make one-on-one and group interaction as well as exercises easy to manage and track student participation. As students complete exercises and assignments, the platform tracks their progress and performance, and enables  professors to give qualitative feedback alongside auto-graded questions. From webinar software to in-system messaging, eTeach® has the tools needed to deliver a successful distance learning program.

eTeach®  offers an array of  sophisticated data analytics, tracking and reporting options.