K-12 Education

Experience how eTeach® technology can change the way we educate our students.

G2 Collective improved upon the cumbersome traditional learning management system with eTeach®, a dynamic Learning Content Management System (LCMS). The platform was built with a user-friendly, cognitive design enabling teachers  and trainers to create content, collaborate in curriculum development, deliver courses via the ecosystem, share content while ensuring authorship integrity.

The thinking behind eTeach®

At G2 Collective, we believe technology should be used to enhance the most effective methods of education. The Platform helps teachers supplement the traditional classroom with the eTeach® methodology, which is centered on Socratic and Harkness learning principles of discussion based teaching to promote thinking. eTeach® employs a smart, creative cognitive design to replicate a comfortable yet challenging classroom atmosphere where students are encouraged to participate by raising their hand, asking questions and engaging in online group discussions.

We get it:

  • Teachers became teachers to  teach and make a difference in the world.
  • Our youth are facing ever-widening global competition  driven by the fast-paced changes in technology. Today’s educators realize that employing effective teaching technology to assist their efforts will help bridge the gap.
  • Teachers want and need simple and highly effective online tools to streamline their workload so they can teach.
  • With economic pressures and academic standards at an all time high, schools need affordable solutions.

eTeach® manages the delivery of fully online or blended learning programs adding value to curriculum development and delivery.  The key features of the platform include the Module Builder, Course Builder, Module Libraries, multiple interactive delivery options, customization and language options as well as robust tracking and reporting functions. Our user interface is simple to navigate, sophisticated in appearance and our Lego® inspired architecture can be easily integrated with other applications or enterprise systems. It makes sharing work possible, allowing others to build on it while ensuring authorship integrity.

Using eTeach® as a blended learning instrument augments the educational process. Today’s teachers are looking for affordable methods of merging the advantages of flip teaching  with traditional classroom delivered lessons and being  more readily available to support their students in person when they struggle with a particular concept or problem. Teaching from a flipped classroom model, frees up class time and encourages students to work together.

Using eTeach®  as a collaborative tool to share with colleagues across the hall, or throughout the district, enhances efficiency and enriches the content.

The Platform is ideal for tutors, test preparation professionals and home school shared-learning environments where collaboration is important. With the eTeach® Module and Course Builder features, teachers can build a tailored program to meet the needs of their specific learners, or they can save time by taking advantage of our Content Library that  already has published resources that can be utilized to enhance existing curriculum.

G2 Collective encourages ongoing professional development for teachers, stakeholders in associations, districts and their boards and state representatives.  Our partnership with the Education Consortium, a teacher practice development organization  specializing in diagnostic analysis of needs and solutions for professionals who focus on English language Learners, is an initiative that eTeach® is committed to support.