Intellectual Property Management

eTeach® protects your published content.

Unlike other Massive Open Online Courses, at G2 Collective, we understand the importance of protecting your intellectual property. The eTeach® IP tracking and cloning features continuously track original authors.  We put content creators and educators in control of their published content where only they can choose to share their work, give permission for others to edit, or lock it down so that no editing is permitted.

eTeach®  is not your traditional Learning Management System. As a new age Learning Content Management System, eTeach® allows an educator to become an independent publisher, by saving and duplicating curriculum blocks called modules. Build personal content libraries to share or keep for future classes. The foundation of the eTeach® platform is the Module Builder tool, which is simple to use framework for content development. Combine multimedia content with traditional teaching and learning concepts to create modules that can be saved, published with you as the protected author, and shared.

The Course Builder tool enables educators to fuse original and/or shared modules together to form and deliver course content to students with ease.  As a published author, you control the intellectual property and publishing permission when sharing modules and/or content.

eTeach® is infinitely scalable, editable and, as a published author, yours to control.