K-12 Grant Opportunities

G2 Collective has gathered an important team of research professionals to advance the practice of teaching.

Our Grant Thesis: By improving teacher collaboration through training and using a well designed, interactive platform such as eTeach®, increased collaboration will lead to improved teacher effectiveness and, therefore, increased student performance. The focus of our grant and research strategy is to stimulate efficacy validation, support technological innovation and strengthen the role of eTeach® in meeting educational research and development needs. This in turn will improve the return on investment from funded projects and the research partners.

In proposing eTeach® pilot and research programs to K-12 schools, we are evaluating outcomes in meeting several objectives:

“Definition of Teacher Collaboration: Two or more teachers who regularly discuss the components of teaching and learning, including learning activities, lesson plans, assignments, pacing, course design, evaluating, and revising the program.” (Wimberly, 2011, page 13).