eTeach® Platform

eTeach® adds value to curriculum development and delivery. The platform enables educators and trainers to become custom content creators and course publishers.  It makes sharing their work possible, allowing others to build on it while ensuring authorship integrity.

The platform utilizes the Learning Content Management System (LCMS) and provides an ecosystem for sharing content.  It was built with a user-friendly, cognitive design enabling teachers  and trainers to create content, collaborate in curriculum development, share and deliver courses. The Platform manages the delivery of fully online or blended learning programs. The key features of the platform include the Module Builder, Module Libraries and Course Builder, multiple interactive delivery options, customization and language options as well as robust tracking and reporting functions.

eTeach® provides:

  • An easy to use and comprehensive framework for content development; combining multimedia content with traditional teaching and learning concepts, full interactive options for exercises, assignments, tests and quizzes.
  • Do it your self branding and other customization tools.
  • The ability to create and publish content modules for use within a program or course.
  • Content repository and sharing libraries to facilitate efficient cloning and editing.
  • Module authorship tracking and time stamping for IP protection.
  • Flexibility to fuse modules together to form courses and release course content to students and cohorts at any time.
  • Instructional Modeling options to include the desired amount of one-on-one or group interaction needed for the content being delivered with multi-dimensional communications tools, including secure in-system email.
  • Progress tracking, reporting and analytics.