Secure Cloud Application

At G2 Collective Inc. our clients’ security and privacy are very important. We are committed to resolving any concern or potential vulnerability quickly and carefully.  We ask that our customers help us maintain our vigilance; and request that any possible vulnerability be confidentially reported to us by a designated client contact so that we may respond accordingly.  Our product has complex features and is securely connected to multiple reliable third party applications. Each of these integrations has undergone thorough analysis appropriate to scope and complexity of the overall intended usage of the platform.

The eTeach® Learning Content Management System (LCMS)  is hosted on dedicated, secure cloud servers managed by Rackspace. Because eTeach® is a cloud application, our clients are not responsible for updating any products or software on their own. Rackspace performs timely updates and adheres to the following information security and related certifications and standards:


The eTeach® application is written in PHP, HTML, and Javascript, utilizing a MySQL database. User accounts are added and controlled by Site administrators .  All user passwords are assaulted and encrypted when stored. Site administrators and content creators have access to a full-featured WYSIWYG editor, called TinyMCE.

For security reasons, all frontend editors used within the application (by learners) disallow use of HTML and use BBcode instead. This includes forum discussions, private messages, essay answer submissions, and user portfolios. Use of BBCode is to stop Java Script from being inserted/ injected into the HTML. Alternative or custom security arrangements can be accommodated. Please refer to your Master Service agreement for rates on development research and implementation.

In certain instances our server host and administrator, Rackspace, is able to offer a dedicated server for an eTeach portal to our individual clients who wish to customize security and firewall specifications. This is done upon written request. A small set up fee for G2 Collective will be incurred for this service and in addition to platform subscription and license fees, the cost of hosting on a dedicated server built to customer specifications and server administration costs are a direct pass through from G2 Collective to the customer.

We recognize that in certain rare instances, a customer may want to host our platform on its own dedicated secure server. These situations typically involve highly classified content as one might expect from the Department of Defense, Homeland Security or industry situations where material is so sensitive that G2 Collective and Rackspace are unable or unwilling to provide and/ or assume the needed level of security liability. With pre-arranged customer confidentiality, non-disclosure and limited use agreements; and pre-negotiated service fees, which are additive to platform subscription and license fees, our application can be hosted on our customer’s own dedicated server.