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Be more effective and creative with your training design and delivery with eTeach® 

G2 Collective reinvented the cloud based learning management system (LMS). With eTeach® Learning Content Management System (LCMS) we put content creators, management leaders, mentors, internal coaches and trainers in control, provided a structured framework for courses and online interaction on which more complex cognitive tasks can be delivered without sacrificing graphic design and the ability to brand and customize terminology. The key features of the platform include the Module Builder, Course Builder, Module Libraries, multiple interactive delivery options, customization and language options as well as robust tracking and reporting functions. Our user interface is simple to navigate, sophisticated in appearance and our Lego® inspired architecture can be easily integrated with other applications or enterprise systems. eTeach® adds value benefiting corporations through efficiency while enhancing the effectiveness of training and development investments.

The thinking behind eTeach®

Our training platform helps trainers supplement the traditional classroom with the eTeach® methodology, which is centered on Socratic and Harkness learning principles of discussion based teaching to promote thinking.

At G2 Collective we believe technology should be used to enhance the most effective methods of training. The personal trainer-cohort relationships and interaction and are key pieces of the training  process that Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC’S) and Learning Management Systems (LMS’s) fail to address. eTeach® employs a smart, creative cognitive design that replicates a comfortable and engaging classroom atmosphere where cohorts cannot hide, but are called upon to participate in an online training program making distance teaching more effective and distance learning more enjoyable.