G2 Collective solutions can be tailored to the needs of the organization along the following lines:

Large Companies and Learning Institutions: Organizations using thousands of licenses per year with strict security protocols can benefit by purchasing a master program license; placing our cloud application control in your hands, because it can reside on a dedicated server as an enterprise training system.

Small to Mid-Size Companies:  The Platform is ideal for small to mid-size companies who want the benefits and features of enterprise or legacy systems.  In order to maintain complete control over content and administration for a smaller user population, you can subscribe to and utilize exclusive training portals with administrative licenses and house your program data in the Socrates’ Cloud™ library on our secure server.  

Smaller Training Companies or Sole Practitioners:   Ideal for individual trainers who serve commercial businesses to associations who provide continuing education programs for professionals.  Your high value programs with a set beginning and end date can be easily facilitated at a low cost of entry by leasing an exclusive training portal on a monthly basis and adding your IP protected content.

Pre-Packaged Training Programs: Companies and individuals looking for pre-packaged training programs and content can enroll employees in one of our Human Resource and Training partners’ many curricula. For example: BeamPines, Inc., a world class talent management and human resources consulting firm, uses G2 Collective™ portals to deliver their online programs on a per user basis.  CTC Online™ (Career Transition Counseling), CTC University™ (Career Counseling for soon to be and recent graduates) and Mentor/Coaching at the certificate and graduate level are some examples of how BeamPines is using our platform to deliver over 30 years of custom training material to a diverse global audience at a low cost.  Another partnership program example is Sisters Under Sail and their Chart Your Course for Women leadership development program.

We also work with Training Partners to help you deliver programs on a variety of compliance topics.

Contact us with inquiries regarding purchases, subscriptions, licensing, fees and custom feature options.