Training Tools & Applications

eTeach® provides businesses with:

  • Learning content and design capabilities for any delivery mode.
  • Technical foundation for programming that is simple to use, smart, scalable and effective.
  • Flexible program management environment that keeps cohorts connected and organized.
  • Sustainable library of content for the blended and future distance learning programs.
  • Full data base driven analytics, tracking and reporting functions.
  • Virtual platform training done easily with our expert customer care team.
  • Contribute to the bottom line through the affordable eTeach® solutions for cohort-centered online training.
  • eTeach® 3.0 subscribers receive continuous support, updates and added features
  • eTeach® is hosted on dedicated, secure cloud servers and is accessible for any device.
  • While our own security protocols exceed industry standards, G2 Collective fully cooperates to meet the needs of large, commercial, and other global enterprises internal IT protocols.

The eTeach® Platform can be used to:

    • Deliver internally developed content
    • Deliver vendor content
    • Deliver other licensed digital media as resources
    • Enable cohort project interaction
    • Enable mentors and mentees to work closely together over distance
    • Enable planned and ad hoc presentations/webinars
    • Posts videos, presentations, slideshows, announcements, notifications, etc.